Wednesday, 9 July 2008

60% think 28 days should be the limit

Today the Rowntree Foundation released a survey that showed that 60% of the general public who were surveyed believe that 28 days or lower should be the limit on detention without trial.

You may remember that at the time of the debate in the commons the media were reporting that the majority of the public supported 42 days.

This looks like strong evidence that David Davis has won his argument and changed popular opinion ( also known as 'leadership' - Labour ministers might like to look this up in the dictionary, as they haven't seen much of it over the last year ).

To see a break down of views - including Labour supporters disgusted with their parties refusal to put up a candidate to argue the case on civil liberties - see this release by the

Now of course the % in a poll doesn't make a view right or wrong - just popular. But is perhaps a sign of an argument being won in the wider population.

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