Saturday, 28 June 2008

Campaigning in Haltemprice and Howden

Last Saturday I was in the audience at Hymers College, Hull, to hear a debate between DD and Tony Benn. I call it a debate, however, on the subject of our rights and liberties they agreed with one another almost completely. This is why this campaign is so important. It unites people from different political parties and those who never take an interest in politics. I certainly never thought I would be applauding Tony Benn, but I was as on this occasion. He was talking sense and he is a man who values our rights and liberties.

Today I have been out leafleting in the constituency, along with dozens of other activists. It is very heartening when you welcome people to the area who set off from South London early in the morning. I went out leafleting with a lady from Staffordshire this afternoon and she hopes to return next weekend. We have had people from Norfolk and the West Midlands. Timothy Kirkhope MEP was out leafleting with us too. DD also popped into the distribution centre to talk to activists. We were grateful he found time in his busy schedule to have a chat with the troops.

We still need your help though. It is vital we get the vote out. David needs to win this by-election with a thumping majority and with a huge turnout. Come and help us achieve this goal.


Sam Tarran said...

I was always suspicious of Tony Benn.

A principled man with deeply held convictions. He formed a friendship with Enoch Powell in their early days in Parliament, with Powell helping him to renounce his peerage.

Funny how Benn managed to forget that when he stood up in the Commons and moreorless accused Powell of being a Nazi.

I debate with myself whether this is short memory or ignorance.

Andrew Allison said...

Sam: And they still remained friends until the end. Both of them knew there was more to life than politics.