Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Its not just our freedom that's at stake

Today we have heard more of the deeply shocking news of the campaign of intimidation, torture and murder being waged against the Zimbabwe opposition MDC party and its supporters.

One of the senior members of the MDC party has been arrested - apparently for treason - but has not been charged in court over 48 hrs latter, which is illegal in Zimbabwe.

Just imagine what use the regime there would make of 42 day detention without trial. They would have no problem at all in describing their victims as terrorists to justify it.

What would the British government say ? Nothing, as we would have the same laws on our statute books.

Every time a repressive foreign regime is challenged from China to Burma to Zimbabwe to Cuba they would respond with - "but look at the laws you have".

Much of the Commonwealth's legal system is based on our own system of law, what Britain does is noticed. Our hypocrisy will be noticed too.

You can see it is not just our freedoms that are at stake with Gordon Brown's insistence in passing the 42 day detention bill.

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