Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Not standing against Davis is political cowardice - Labourhome post

Free Radical - over at Labourhome, makes the case that it'll be cowardice not to put up a candidate against David Davis to support Gordon Brown policy of 42 day detention without trial.

See here ....
The following quote gives an idea on the post ( in case the control freaks get to delete it before PMQs )

    ...If our leaders are so sure of their case on 42 days and civil liberties they should surely relish the opportunity to present it, along with the rest of party policy, in a high-profile byelection - even in a seat in which we would ordinarily have little chance of winning. Who knows, if Davis' act is, as our leader asserts "a stunt" then the good people of Haltemprice and Howden might see through him and show their support for imprisoning suspects without charge for six weeks by voting Labour?

    But, on the other hand the public at large may see our failure to stand up for our beliefs by not contesting this byelection as an act of political cowardice, compared to what might appear an act of political courage and principle by David Davis.... [Free Radical].

Update: Its been confirmed that Labour will not be fielding a candidate at the by-election. Their excuses are no doubt available to read elsewhere.

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