Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hand over your film !

Every day provides new examples of how our freedom has been curtailed. Take this example of the story of a photographer in Hull, not far from Haltemprice and Howden by coincidence, reported in The Register by John Ozimek, see extract below ( The full article is worth a read also ):

When you hear the phrase "helping police with their inquiries", does an image of dedicated selfless citizenry instantly spring to mind? Or do you wonder whether the reality is not slightly more sinister?

How about "voluntarily handing over film to the police".

Stephen Carroll is a keen amateur photographer, with an interest in candid portraiture: "street photography", he calls it. In December 2007, he was in the centre of Hull taking photos.

Unfortunately for him, his actions were spotted by two local policemen. They stopped him in the middle of Boots and asked him to accompany them outside. There they told him that he had been taking photographs of "sensitive buildings". One said: "I am taking your film".

Mr Carroll requested an explanation. He asked whether he was "obligated" to hand over the film. In vain! Every time he asked, back came the same response: "I am taking your film". Robocop is alive and well and apparently working in Humberside. Full article here....

Do you still feel free ? How the story changes, see article, when Humberside police are challenged is even worse ...

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The Wilted Rose said...

Today's Telegraph documented the case of a bus-spotter who has been branded 'a terrorist and a paedophile' for taking pictures of buses. More examples of anti-terrorism legislation being used to terrorise the public.