Monday, 23 June 2008

The Rift Closes

Just after David Davis resigned, the MSM began to look for a story that wasn't there. They struggled to understand that a person could make a sacrifice purely on a matter or principle, either because of the general corruptness of politicians, or because they were judging others by their own personalities.

Consequently, they tried to pick open a wound that didn't exist, struggling to plausibly say that the real motive behind the resignation was a Cameron-Davis split. It wasn't helped by the fact that the party refused to put its full machinery behind Davis' campaign, seeing Henley as the primary target for their attention.

Of course, this was a mistake because Henley is a guaranteed safe seat which the MSM has paid next-to-no attention to, whilst Davis is fighting a by-election on an issue of Tory Party policy. Whether this reality has dawned on the party leadership or not, we would hope that the rumours about a Cameron-Davis split will be put to rest by the news that David Cameron has commanded all members of the Shadow Cabinet to report to Haltemprice and Howden for duty.

As well as eliminate any speculation about a "rift", it will also, hopefully, turn media attention towards the campaign. It also affirms the line of both Davis and his successor, Dominic Grieve, that the Conservatives are 100% committed to the preservation of civil liberties. Although some of us would love for the 28-day detention limit to be slashed too, as conservatives, we have to be happy with small, slow progress.

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