Thursday, 19 June 2008

+++ David Davis on Question time BBC1 tonight 10:35pm +++

If your interested .. I'll probably add comments as it goes on live.


The Wilted Rose said...

Question Time has been a bit boring of late, but I'll certainly be watching it tonight - should be exciting.

Man in a Shed said...

Blogger went down just after 2pm PDT - ie after 10pm.

Man in a Shed said...

Back now. Nigel Farage on at the moment laying claim to being the heir to Thatcher.

Jerry Springer (yes it is he) isn't sure where he is.

Man in a Shed said...

Hillary Ben trying to recall the day (well only part) that intrest rates went to 15% (thanks to trying to keep int he ERM that his party supported ).

I wonder if he wants to be the next leader for Labour ?

Man in a Shed said...

David Dimbleby isn't letting Farage finish his sentence, as he's pointing out how the EU will run all the civil liberty side in the future.

The direct question has been asked on why DD has resigned.

He's explaining his reason for resigning, keeping it focused on UK civil liberties.

David Dimbleby is asking him why not stay on as shadow Home Sec to influence things ( a trap to identify a gap with David Cameron ).

DD responds by saying the prime minster doesn't want the debate. He's cowardly, banning ministers and ex-minister appearing in debate.

He says having this debate over the next few weeks is worth more to him that be Home Sec in the next govt.

As an American Springer can't understand how Parliament can change peoples rights. Explaining the role of the US consitution.

Of course we have a constitution but it relied upon people behaving as gentlemen - which Blair and Brown don't appear to be.

Hillary Benn being asked why they won't put up a candidate up. Benn is squirming on this. He won't even suggest they could win the argument.

He's using the Brown formula on CCTV and DNA - they muts have been l;ectured about this by Gordon.

He'll be getting a flea in his ear from his father sometime latter on.

He's now putting forward the pathetic excuses on parliament voting on detaining people for 42 days.

David Dimbleby has mentioned Tony Benn. Davis says he's opening his by election campaign on Sat !!!

The worse criticism is coming from the young woman who asked the question. She's very good.(Well done whoever you are )

Man in a Shed said...

Somebody in the audience has popped up to ask the your wasting £70k Labour question. Forgetting the vastly higher sums of money Labour have wasted on their highly dubious Citizen's jury ( vastly higher I'm sure ). ( Some people were paid to turn up ! )

What about the £2.7 billion by-election bribe.

Man in a Shed said...

Nigel Farage making a strong issue of why David Davis supports 28days and not 42.

David Davis is talking about the half of people help under the 28 days detention powers being innocent.

David Davis is having a hard time finishing a sentence with Dimbleby.

Woman from the audience asks why government can't deport convicted terrorists.

On balance I think DD has vast majority support from the audience.

Man in a Shed said...

OK last question on the Irish referendum.

Time for a small whisky and bed ...