Thursday, 10 July 2008

David Davis on the government's false bargain

Shane Greer has an interview with David Davis today over at Total Politics here (hat tip to Iain Dale for giving the heads up here - who after all should be aware of what is happening at his creation ).

Its worth reading through in its entirety, but I think the following two sentences sums the current situation up:

    My general view is that what the government does is offer false bargain, and that bargain appears to be more security for less liberty. What in practice it turns out to be is no more security, and sometimes less security for less liberty.

David Davis also quotes that there have been about 300 articles or so in the last three weeks on the by-election, which when combined with the discovery that the more people know about the threat to our historic liberty that 42 day detention without trial represents the less they like it confirms that this has been worth while.

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