Thursday, 10 July 2008

Don't let 'Brave New Britain' remove our fundamental rights - Bob Geldolf

Bob Geldolf has written for the Comment pages of today's Daily Telegraph, full article here, extract below:

    They are being asked about what kind of country we wish to live in. We may never get to vote on something so profoundly fundamental again.

    Let us be grand for once, for we talk of great subjects. Ask "what is the point of Britain?" if we so casually give up the liberty which defines this country, its greatest gift to the world.

    Still today, 800 years later, Magna Carta resonates: "To no man will we deny, To no man will we delay, Justice and Right." Is that not grand, worthy of your vote? Is habeas corpus to be traduced in one sad moment of political expediency? Do we not clearly deny and delay Justice and Right when we imprison a person for 42 days without charge?...

If you have a vote today don't forget to use it. As with the Irish Lisbon referendum there are many of us who have not been asked rooting for you to make our point for us !

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