Friday, 11 July 2008

David Davis' campaign wins 72% of the vote

David Davis has won the by-election, with a majority of 15,355. The final turnout was 34%, vastly higher than the 20% that was expected given the make up of the by-election and Labour decision to to democratically defend its record but to hide behind a flag of convenience about the cost of democracy ( on the same week that they announced plans for a wave of local government referendums and forgetting their own more dubious misuse of public money in their tax payer funded Labour focus groups people's juries.

I say David Davis' campaign as many people who normally support other parties have combined to support the banner of his campaign. The Lib Dems put country before party at an early stage and since they agree with Mr Davis stand on our liberties have not stood against him.

There will be plenty of sniping from Westminster and the compliant press, but this result has been achieved despite that opposition and represents a key rebellion against the slow strangulation of our liberties by an authoritarian government.

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